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Violet Ray - Violet Wand Safety

Box-Type Violet Ray Machine Operating Instructions
Safety Precautions

The electrical devices we sell are meant for experimental research only & not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or condition. Please see a medical professional if your are ill or in poor health.

Thanks for purchasing this quality refurbished violet ray machine. This machine has been tested and is in excellent operating condition! With mindful care and handling, this unit should function properly for many years to come.

Please note that we have done our best to provide the proper operating and safety instructions for the use of this machine. We have no control over how or in what manner this device will be used. The operator uses this machine at his or her own risk and we assume no responsibility for injury or death as a result of operating this device. Please remember, that this machine functions using 120V line voltage and produces a high frequency, high voltage electrical output. Although this machine is safe when used properly, improper use can be potentially life threatening. If you plan to, or desire to operate this machine, but do not feel comfortable working around high voltage, then it is recommended you find someone who has experience with such devices that can assist you!

Plugging the device in for the first time

When ready to operate a violet ray machine for the first time, put a glass electrode into the wand's socket and lay it on a table. Plug the machine in to a wall outlet. Slowly begin to turn the power knob clockwise. At some point you will hear the machine begin making a buzzing sound and the tube will begin to emit violet light. Continue turning the knob clockwise and you will hear the machine get louder. As the machine vibrates more loudly, it will also put out more voltage. If you go too far, the buzzing sound will change from a consistent sound to an erratic one. If one continues tuning the knob clockwise, eventually the sound may stop altogether. If this happens, immediately back off the adjustment knob by turning it counter clockwise, otherwise the machine may sustain damage. Now turn the adjustment knob counter clockwise until all sound stops. Switch off or unplug the machine. Most antique violet ray devices do not have an on/off switch and must be unplugged to insure that they are truly off. Simply turning the adjustment knob until the sound stops, does not insure that a machine is truly off and may still be electrified. Always unplug your machine when you are done using it!

Sometimes an antique glass electrode may may not emit light immediately after a violet ray device is turned on; especially if the tube is cold. If this happens, turn the machine off, remove the electrode and hold it under warm water for a few seconds. Then dry it off and try again. We recommend going over the additional printed material and relevant digital copies on our web site. Please read do's and don'ts below before plugging this device into a wall socket.

Things To Do

1.) Choose a location that you will always use to operate the violet ray machine.

2.) Place a wooden or plastic chair onto an electrically non-conductive surface, i.e. a wooden floor. If one is not sure if the surface is non-conductive, place a rubber or plastic mat under your chair.

3.) For extra safety, wear shoes with rubber soles while operating this violet ray machine whenever possible.

4.) To maximize safety, use an EMI filter between the power input and the machine. The can be done either by using an externally attached appliance (3 prong interface) or an internally mounted unit.

5.) Always hold the Bakelite plastic wand as close to the cord end as possible. Bakelite is not a good high voltage insulator and if the wand is held too close to the electrode end, an unpleasant spark can pass from the coil inside the wand through or around the Bakelite to your hand. Although this is not dangerous, it can be startling and also reduce the effectiveness of a glass electrode. It could also cause one to drop the wand which could not only break the wand, but also a glass electrode that is plugged into it.

6.) The wand may get slightly warm while the violet ray device is operating. This is normal. If one senses excessive heat (as in hot to the touch) coming from the inside of the wand or one smells a burning wax or an electrical odor coming from the wand or from the machine during operation, shut the device down immediately and let it cool completely before using it again. If excessive heating of the violet ray wand or unusual odors become a regular issue, then please contact us through our web site ( so we can determine if the device needs to be returned for repair.

7.) During warm or hot weather, use the violet ray machine in an air-conditioned room or during the early morning or late evening hours when the temperature is cooler. Your violet ray machine will heat up more quickly when operated in hot weather conditions.

8.) My electrically upgraded machines hold either a 30mm, 500mA or 750mA glass tube fuse. In the unlikely event this fuse should burn out, replace it with a fuse of the identical amperage rating. If the the fuse should burn out again, please contact us through our web site ( so we can determine if the device needs to be returned for repair.

Things Not To Do

If one is holding a metal electrode that is inserted into a violet ray machine wand….

!!! NEVER !!!

A.) Attempt to switch the violet ray device ON or OFF.
B.) Plug in or Unplug a violet ray machine.
C.) Attempt to adjust the power control knob.
D.) Let another person or animal touch you.
E.) Come into contact with a grounded object. A grounded object is anything that is electrically conductive that is somehow connected to earth. Even some objects that are not directly connected to earth, can be a grounding source for high voltage, i.e. a metal chair, a metal table, a metal window frame or a bathtub or sink full of water.

Doing any of these can cause one to experience an unpleasant and potentially dangerous electric shock!

When using the metal saturation electrode, whenever possible have someone else turn the machine on, set the power level (no more than 50%), and then turn the machine off at the end of the session!

If one wishes to use the metal saturation electrode without assistance, then please follow the instructions below to avoid electric shock.

a.) Follow the recommended set up mentioned in the "Things To Do" section above.
b.) Place wand with metal electrode on a wooden or plastic table.
c.) Turn on machine and adjust power output to about 25% - 50%.
d.) Grab wand closest to the cord end with one hand.
e.) Then quickly but gently slap the metal electrode into the other hand. Now that you are holding the metal electrode with one hand, you can let go of the Bakelite wand with the other hand. You should now be holding the metal electrode with one or both hands.

To end your session with the metal saturation electrode….
a.) While continuing to hold the metal electrode with one hand, grab the Bakelite wand with the other hand closest to the cord end.
b.) Quickly pull the metal electrode away from your skin.
c.) Place the wand on the table .
d.) Turn the machine off .

1.) Please do not use any of the electrodes with the power control knob turned to maximum (turned all the way clockwise). Operating at full power for more than just a few seconds can permanently damage the Tesla coil coil inside the wand. Since this violet ray machine has been rebuilt and contains a new capacitor, It is actually more powerful than when it originally came from the factory. You will find the machine plenty strong when it is turned up to about 50%. Again, there should never be any reason to run the device higher than that.

2.) Never turn on a violet ray machine without an electrode in the wand socket!

3.) Do not allow another person or animal to touch you while you are applying the violet ray to yourself. If someone touches you while you are applying the violet ray to yourself, both you and the person touching you will receive a mild spark. This spark is harmless, but startling none the less. However, If another person is somehow grounded and touches you, a dangerous shock to both individuals may occur!

4.) If you have a cardiac pacemaker NEVER OPERATE ANY VIOLET RAY MACHINE!

6.) NEVER OPERATE YOUR VIOLET RAY MACHINE FOR MORE THAN 10 MINUTES AT A TIME! Doing so can permanently damage or destroy the resonator coil in the wand. Allow machine to cool down for a minium of one hour brefore reusing.

7. Never twist a glass electrode when inserting into the wand socket or when removing it. Only push strait forward or pull strait backward. Twisting a glass electrode when inserting or removing can break the electrode.

8.) Never operate the violet ray machine over wet clothing.

9.) Do not apply a violet ray electrode to the scalp when hair is wet with any solution containing alcohol or other flammable substances.

10.) When the metal saturation electrode is inserted in the violet ray wand, do not intentionally create electrical arcs between the electrode and metal or grounded objects for more than a few seconds. This can put too much of a load on the resonator coil and burn it out!


The electrical devices we sell are meant for experimental research only & not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or condition.  Please see a medical professional if your are ill or in poor health.  Some of the devices we sell are vintage quack medical devices with old components which can fail at any time.  Even though the vintage violet ray machines we sell have been tested and in some cases rewired and may contain replaced components, there is a risk of electric shock.  Should one come into contact with ground and be holding or touching the metal electrode with any part of the body while a violet ray machine is operating, a serious and potentially lethal electric shock can be received.  If one intends to operate these antique violet ray devices, proper safety precautions  must always be observed.  We assume that any operator of such a device will take the necessary steps  to do his or her own research as to how to operate such a device in a safe manner.  Violet ray machines produce high frequency, high voltage that will interfere with with cardiac pace makers.  Any person that has a heart rhythm regulatory device (pace maker) must not operate a violet ray machine!!!  Such individuals must also maintain a substantial distance from these devices, otherwise a pacemaker can malfunction!  The radio frequencies that emanate from violet ray machines may interfere with television reception in your house and the television reception of your neighbors.  These devices can also interfere with wireless internet connections and interfere with internet routers and therefore you may be braking the law by using such devices. We assume no responsibility for any loss of property, electric shock, physical or psychological harm, or death as a result of operating a violet ray machine or other electrical device that was purchased from us.