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Vintage Violet Ray Machine Accessories

Vintage Violet Ray/Wand Electrodes
Electrode Diameter 7/16 inch (11.11mm)
Fits most antique U.S. violet ray machines including
Master, RenuLife, Branston, Shelton etc.

Electrode Type
Insulated Metal Violet Ray Electrode

7/16 " (11 mm)
Solid Brass Electrode

$49 Each
Plus $10 Shipping

Custom made, insulated copper and brass metal electrode for any violet ray machine with a 7/16 inch socket diameter. It will fit most antique American violet ray machines, including Master, Fitzgerald, RenuLife, Shelton, Violetta, Bleadon Dunn, Branston, Elco and more. My insulated metal electrode is superior in design and better insulated than the original insulated electrodes supplied with many violet ray machines from the 1920's through the early 50's. It also offers a much larger 5.5 inch grip surface, making it easier for people with big hands to easily and safely hold. Superior insulation insures that the inner and outer tubes are completely electrically separated and will not arc during use. This provides a true barrier between the user and the high voltage output of a violet ray machine. Only the highest frequencies can pass across the insulation layer that separates the inner and outer tubes. The copper sleeve is made of 1/2 inch Type L copper pipe and the inner tube is made of heavy solid brass. One could run over it with a semi truck and it would probably still work!


Violet Ray Machine EMI Filter

Discontinued Item

Violet Ray Safety/ Contol Box

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Plus $12 Shipping

Now you can leave your antique violet ray machine pugged in and set to your favorite power setting! This device has a 5 foot power cord and can rest right next to your violet ray machine. Simply plug your violet ray machine into the control box and immediately benefit from extra convenience and added safety to the operator, while at the same time protecting your violet ray machine's internal components and sensitive electronic equipment and appliances that are plugged into the same house electrical circuit. This device will work with any 110V - 120V violet ray Machine! Short of a new capacitor, this unit contains all of the electrical components I install when electrically upgrading violet ray machines for resale!

What's Inside
  • EMI Filter: If you use an antique violet ray machine, an EMI filter is a must to help prevent high frequency, high voltage from bleeding from the device back into the house electrical and potentially damaging sensitive electronic equipment that may be plugged into the same circuit.

  • On/ Off Switch: This device contains an illuminated, grounded rocker switch that allows one to truly turn a violet ray machine off. The ability to shut a violet ray machine off, while remaining plugged into a wall receptacle, is a function that is lacking in nearly all antique violet ray machines! Even antique machines that have an off setting, are often still electrified and pose a shock hazard to the unsuspecting operator when turned off and still plugged into the wall outlet! I have now resolved this with the addition of a grounded illuminated switch. One can now turn the machine off, leaving it plugged in and trust that the device is completely powered down!

  • Fuse: A properly rated fuse will help to protect the high frequency coil from burning out due to a shorted capacitor. The high frequency coil, usually found in the wand or handset of a box-type violet ray machine, is the most difficult component to replace as they are no longer manufactured. Why not protect it with a fuse?

    Note: Please let me know the amperage or wattage rating of your violet ray machine so I can include the proper fuse. Most violet ray machines list the wattage of the device on a metal tag including, Fitzgerald, RenuLife, Shelton, Branston and Master. Some do not, in which case I will provide you with two fuses. One can start with the 500mA fuse and if it blows fairly early on, then replace it with 750mA fuse.

  • Grounded Power Cord: Grounded to switch and EMI filter.

This item is guaranteed for the period of one year from the date of purchase. Any signs of opening the box, tampering, or rough treatment may void warranty.